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Whatever the occasion...

Birthday, anniversary, christening...there is a cake for every occasion. 

No 'Novelty' cakes here....Please look through our portfolio of celebration cakes and note the 'Style' and 'Look' of what we produce.  We are all about pretty, elegant, long lines, pops of colour, and the odd jaunty angle!  


This is our portfolio-all our own work, how WE do cake, and designs we would be happy to make again.

Please note, cake orders are only confirmed with a £20/tier non-refundable, non-transferable part payment.

Balance payments must be made on or before collection of order.

When providing briefs or images of other cake makers work, due to copyright, intellectual property and/or our own integrity, we are unable to supply 'copies' of cakes, make characters or use logos which are protected by copyright, and may use our own "Artistic Licence" when necessary. 

Please note, celebration cakes are almost always collected.  

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